welcome back to Qinghai Thrangu Monastery

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Zuri Rinpoche, welcome back to Qinghai Thrangu Monastery

        Yesterday, we welcome the arrival of Zuri Rinpoche, who is one of the four inherited Buddha. He travelled from Bhutan to Qinghai Thrangu Monastery.

         Under the joy and compassion of Rinpoche, we have gone through a unforgettable day. We wish all sentient being be empowered by our compassionate Rinpoche.

        Tashi Delek!


The worshippers lined up to welcome the arrival Zuri Rinpoche

The worshippers cheerfully welcomed the arrival of Zuri Rinpoche with Lama dance.

Reverent worshippers came in front of Rinpoche to offer Khatag and received the blessing from Rinpoche.
Rinpoche cheerfully came back to his palace